H is for Hello!

I don’t think I’ve shown my face on the home page of this blog – maybe once when my box of books arrived for the first book in the Miss LiV Adventures series. So I thought I’d use the H of A to Z Challenge to say, Hello!

Sheri dressed steampunk cropped miss livingstone 9-27-14I’m Kennedy J. Quinn, author, and I’m also known as Sheri J. Kennedy, author. I have two names since my lines of books are quite divergent. Kennedy J. Quinn books take place in fantasy worlds or at least ones that are significantly changed from our own, such as the Time Travel adventures of Miss Livingstone. Sheri J. Kennedy books are in a ‘real’ contemporary setting – with a Twist.

I’ve been writing avidly since 2008, and a large part of my daily life is devoted to writing, reading, blogging and participating in and/or planning writing events – mostly with my author’s group FreeValley Publishing/FVP Books.

In fact, I’ll be at Norwescon from Thursday-Sunday this week. If you see me there, be sure and stop to say, Hello. I’ll mostly be attending writing workshops and panels, along with some science/sci-fi ones, but I’ll have a few books along and would be happy to sign one for you if you’d like. It would be fun to meet you! I’ll be wearing the hat in this photo, and I have exceptionally curly hair, so I should be fairly easy to spot.

I also take photos – mostly of the natural beauty around where I live here in the Pacific Northwest, and I like to bike. I’m waiting for the weather to improve so I can get back out on the road and trails! I’m happiest when away from the city, and especially when I have time to just sit by the river at home with my husband. I’m curious but not nosy, intellectual but not a brainiac, active but not an athlete, and an artist through and through. I’m definitely an introvert, but in the last several years I’ve come to appreciate community, and being a active part of one has helped me thrive. Blogging is much about community for me too. I love connecting with people all over the world.

Tell me a bit about yourself. What do you like to do and why do you blog? Let me know in comments. And I hope to see you at Norwescon if you’re in the area…See you there!


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  1. Hello! I didn’t know you had two blogs! I will have to get acquainted with this one!

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    1. Yeah, thanks for finding it. I just changed it to my primary so more people could wander over to it. I started it last year when my first Miss Livingstone book was about to come out. A little different focus, but the same me. 🙂

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  2. You have two active blogs? I’m suddenly experiencing blog envy! I only have one active, and it’s a real chore to keep it active.

    Fascinating self-description, by the way!

    I grew up devouring sci fi, and I am thinking of getting back into the habit of reading it. Currently, I’ve sticking to non-fiction, but you start to feel a void for stories when you do that.

    I’m off to read some of your posts now!


    1. I technically have 4 active blogs if you count the one I edit for my author’s group, FreeValley Publishing. I think you didn’t find sherijkennedyriverside.wordpress.com yet. That one’s mostly photos and is more personal in a different kind of way. It’s more about my visual art, though all my ideas and passions overlap some on all the different blogs, of course. But I have a lot of modes of expression, so for me it’s fun to have lots of different venues and/or mediums to choose from. I don’t think I could even stick to non-fiction – though I enjoy reading it too. I love to be swept away in stories. Auto-biographies are often a great mix of the two. I especially liked Nelson Mandela’s, Long Walk to Freedom. I didn’t see the film, but the book was excellent in my opinion.

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      1. I didn’t know Mandela had an autobiography. Wow! I’ve got to read that, especially given your recommendation as an author. South Africa — and the world — was so lucky to have that man.

        I’ll check out sherijkennedyriverside.wordpress.com . Thanks for the tip!


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