Weaving Solace

Sharing a bit of poetic prose I wrote and shared on my other site. (Kennedy J. Quinn is aka Sheri J. Kennedy)

Reality With a Twist ~ Books

Here’s my response to the Writing Challenge that I posted last week. Bottom line… A free write where you imagine entering into the top of this upside down photo as if the reflection is the prime reality.

Feel free to continue to write your own responses and share it with us by posting the title and link in comments on the original Challenge Post. Thanks!

by Sheri J Kennedy 2015, All Rights Reserved

Weaving Solace

I stepped from the tenuous strand of sand between the grasping, scratching reach of where I’d been into the waters – no, the winds. Stopped. Wispy wonder washed over me. Filmy wrinkles sliced the winter bare trees beyond like strained cellophane wrapped between here and there. I couldn’t see my feet so stepped forward hoping to get them under me. Feeling hesitant to walk further. Especially when I’d meant to swim. To drown myself perhaps…

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  1. What a great start, Sheri–“Wispy wonder washed” “Especially when I’d meant to swim…” Enticing.

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