Time Travel Theory – Why not?

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

The biggest block to time travel is physical inability to exceed the speed of light. But what if lightspeed wasn’t a constant?

In a recent chat with my brother, he thought:

“that’s the big hole in the theory of relativity imo. time as we think of it doesn’t seem to be actual reality so lightspeed cannot be a constant.”

Nearly all of us have felt time drag while we wait for an appointment or fly by when we’re late, trying to get to work on time. And everyone I know says they feel time goes faster every year. So is time fixed? Or relative to perception or some other force? Is time real at all?

Perhaps time travel is possible after all? Perhaps it’s all in our heads! Or our hearts?

Miss Livingstone’s travels are guided by a force called Affinity. In chemistry it’s often used to describe the force that holds atoms together. A writer/science-buff friend suggested stone amulets could be drawn to places the stone elements had affinity with. And of course there’s the relationship level of affinity – a connection. Wrapping these concepts together draws Miss Livingstone through dimensions of spacetime into a complex, adventurous journey of the heart. Time travel…why not?

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  1. That was fun! I think time is constant but that we can move through it at different speeds. One of my goals is to slow down my speed through time and (at times), I’ve been successful. Slowing down is hard when you’re a busy author with a bazillion things on your plate. But we also assume time is linear, but maybe it’s not! It’s a human construct, after all, an organizing principle of the human mind that enables us to function. 🙂 Look what you did – my imagination is racing with possibilities. 😀

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    1. I love it! Inspiring ideas! Thanks for adding more ideas for us to ponder, as well. It’s good to remember there’s more to time than meets the eye. It’s such a puzzling construct.

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      1. It is! And it’s all wrapped up in quantum physics and the universe, which we’re only beginning to understand.

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      2. I think it’s an exciting time in ‘modern’ science because scientists have caught the fire of curiosity and exploration again, instead of mostly reciting the canon of accepted theories as basically ‘facts.’ Quantum physics makes so much more intuitive sense to me than the theories I grew up on. Fun to hear what’s new!

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  2. It’s a concept I’ve gotten myself lost in also. I spent considerable time evaluating how astrophysicists could go back in time to the Big Bang using something about the light emitted and the Twin Paradox, though I never quite unraveled it. Interesting stuff.

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  3. I can’t begin to say I understand all the theories, Jacqui, but I do my best to understand the concepts. And of course the fun of fiction is you can do nearly anything as long as you stay consistent in your story world. My goal is to play with burgeoning theories or classical ideas enough to intrigue the reader to wonder, could it be true? What if…


  4. Shagun says:

    Awesome Sheri ! Time travel is a wish that would be lovely to fulfil 😀 I often feel it’s somehow related to our interests… you’ve rightly connected it with Affinity. Stones are lifeless but like them, for us mortals too, travels faster when we enjoy doing something we feel an affinity with !

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    1. Ah, I like that interpretation of affinity in relation to time travel as well, Shagun. Fun idea, and seems to gel with how we feel in relation to time.


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