I Can’t Wait to Camp!

I’m looking forward to the camaraderie of the Camp NaNo challenge this April. You can join too! I love the low key personal goal-setting and the chance to engage with other writers in my area on the Regional forum and at Write-in events.

I’ve set a 25,000 words goal to complete the final drafts of books IV & V. The story arc has been complete for a while, but it had some weak points and is shorter than ideal. I’ve ‘back-outlined’ and written copious notes to my author self. After a few months of study and creative plotting, I told the overview of the stories of these two books clearly and well to my writing friend/critique partner, Victoria Bastedo the other day. That’s quite a feat for a ‘Pantser’ who’s written herself 3 books in to an incredibly complex and twisty plot. I’m ready to weave in the final subplot, clarify the mystery answers and write the conclusion fully and well, once and for all!

Here’s my project summary I posted on my page for April Camp NaNo:

In the final 2 books of the Miss Liv Adventures series, Miss Livingstone finds the Secret Key, and finally, the Life Key. She reaches deeper understanding of much she’s encountered but also uncovers disquieting surprises. She scrambles to secure her future fate and works with unlikely allies to unravel the mysteries of life and love, and to make her ultimate choice of which life to live.

Are you Camping too? Tell us about your project in the comments below. I’d love to know what you’re writing about!

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