I is for Interesting – or Snerklesome, perhaps

untitledI love words. I like learning new ones, being sure of correct spelling, and most of all connecting meanings to root words or etymology. Connections of all sorts are interesting.

As a result, when I see a new word, its fun to guess its meaning. That also means I get rather creative in imagining meanings for words I’ve never seen. One of my favorite games is Balderdash – partly because it’s one I can win through coercing lots of votes for bogus definitions. 🙂

Last night I found a new blog (new to me, that is), Cafe’ Philo’s: an Internet Café and amongst a plethora of other intriguing ideas, Paul, the proprietor of the cafe’, invented the word, snerklesome. I, of course, understood the word immediately. Such a provocative word created an undoubtable image in my word-meaning-hungry mind. On top of that, he threw down the gauntlet in asking for a definition. I couldn’t help but oblige by leaving it in Comments.

His context was: If you know of any great blogs that fit any of those descriptions — or for that matter, are great and snerklesome in any other way — please link me to them!  I’d love to check them out!

So my response was: Snarky Nerdy Smirkable in a Well-rounded Thought-provoking package? Like a groan is to a pun, snerklesome is to a post. A snickered-snort through the nose with a long nod that carries the mind to a satisfying something else.

Paul graciously adopted the meaning, and a new word was born! Interesting.


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  1. Thank you so much, Sheri, for both the link and the definition of snerklesome! It seems to me you are quite right: The word is actually useful because it unites three things — Snarky, Nerdy and Smirkable (or smirking) — that can naturally occur together in the same package or person.

    For instance, how often have you heard some wonderful person snerkle — that is, say something snarky and nerdy with a smirk, snort, groan, etc? Fairly often, I think, if you hang in the proper circles. Such snerklesome remarks deserve to be called for what they are!

    Words are organic, of course: Their meanings grow and multiply over time. If “snerkle” and “snerklesome” actually take off as words, they will take on a life of their own. People will come up with new uses for the words, related definitions, or perhaps boldly unrelated definitions. What joy!

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    1. …And the Snerklier the better!

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