G is for Giggles – Character Sketch

Both Miss Livingstone and her friend Mary Jane Adams, or Janie, depending on the timeline, are smart and quick to the point, but as most young woman will do, they have a tendency to giggle.

It was tough to choose a photo to represent Janie. Pretty but never coy, smart but sensitive, savvy but down-to-earth. Her blonde hair and blue eyes prove hard to find in vintage photos, which makes me wonder just how much blonde currently comes out of bottles? So the best I could do turned out to be some Mary Pickford photos.

Here’s a peek at Janie’s character, with a snippet from The Unwitting Journeys of the Witty Miss Livingstone: Book II – Memory Key. Coming October 2017:

‘”Please see that the horse is returned to my Currier’s son, Seth in the next hour or so, if you please. I need Summer’s Girl to be home as soon as possible.” I told Mary Jane’s driver.

Solomon looked like he wanted to ask questions, but a nod from Mary Jane – or Janie – brought a nod from him and he disappeared with Summer’s Girl toward the stable.

“Since when did you and Mr. Scott start keeping company on your own, Mary Jane?”

“I think we can be trusted for a block or two.” Mary Jane giggled as we approached the house. “We were just at the work bee at Miss Abigale’s for the church bazaar coming up in December. The men were cutting and whittling down wooden posts poles so we women could make brooms. But why do you keep calling me Mary Jane? I mean really, you know I prefer Janie. Have you reverted to a time past?”

“Not exactly.”

“That’s it! You’re from a different time, aren’t you? Have you not finished the stone collection yet? Are you from the time before we became best friends? How intriguing.”

“No, I’m not from before…I’m not from the past. We’re best friends?…Oh yes, of course we are…dear. But you’re right. Sharp, as always.” Too sharp sometimes. “I’m from a different timeline, and I’m also here at home tonight – having dinner with Mr. Thomas and my father. The me from this timeline, I mean.”

“Oh, no wonder you didn’t want Scott to go back there. This is even more exciting than I thought.” Janie enthused.’

by Kennedy J. Quinn
Copyright © 2017 by Sheri J. Kennedy
All Rights Reserved


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