The Mermaid and the Bear – Book Review

I don’t often review books on Miss LiV Adventures, but The Mermaid and the Bear, by Ailish Sinclair, may be of interest to many of my readers due to its genre and style. I’ve also enjoyed following this author’s blog, and you may too! REVIEW: I teetered between 4 and 5 stars, but decided…

An Orchestrated Meeting – Short Story

Here’s a supernatural bonus story for fans of Miss Livingstone who’ve come to the blog to learn more. This is the backstory of when the mysterious Mr. Niccoló Manush met Miss Livingstone’s fine Scottish book-seller, Mr. Thomas Worthington, in Paris near the turn of the century. The unlikely pair later become business partners in the American west, along with the monstrously…

The Big Day! Countdown Kindle Celebration!

In honor of Launch Party Day for Miss Livingstone’s Book II: Memory Key, I’m offering the gift of a 99 cent Kindle of my most popular novel, Feeling Human – written under my other author name, Sheri J. Kennedy. This is a limited time offer for 48 hours, starting on June 28th at 12am PDT. Don’t miss out! GET…

Woooot! Book II: Memory Key is Here -Cover Reveal & New Release!

Yes! It’s up and ready to read on Amazon! Paperback is HERE and Kindle is HERE. Get your copy Today! And here’s a snippet to start your journey: “Riding perched on the seat behind Jaimeson, I recalled how deceiving the gentle passage of time could be. I fingered my mother’s locket where it hung faithfully around my…

The Fickle Face of Time

Ironically, I got so caught up in writing this story in response to the Story Board Challenge on FB page, Steampunk Writers Library that I literally lost track of time and left my husband waiting at the bus stop for a ride! So unlike me to do such a thing…He’s forgiven me — for the most part….

Book II’s Train is Coming

The Unwitting Journeys of the Witty Miss Livingstone, Book II: Memory Key is coming down the tracks and will be released soon. ‘Soon’ instead of a firm date has been a bit frustrating, to be honest, but I’m not going to send the story to publication until it lives up to Book I’s Miss Livingstone’s…

Book III – I Can See the Light

Quite often finishing the draft of a book feels like coming out of a tunnel for me. The spectacular sunset on the mountain out my window yesterday evening came through my former story fog with crisp clarity. I haven’t fully seen the beauty outside of Miss Livingstone’s world for over a month.  I write my drafts…

Coming Soon…Can I Sleep First?

Yup, I was down to the wire, but met my Camp NaNoWriMo goal again in July. 3630 more minutes on Book II of The Unwitting Journeys of the Witty Miss Livingstone. I’m working hard to get it out to you this Fall! …but now it’s Nighty-night time. Zzzzzz

A Couple Key quotes- Miss Livingstone Book I

“The journey for knowledge and the experience of the heart is a path worth pursuing, my dear. All the mechanisms in the world can’t replace what you know and feel.” -Father

“So many thinking people are taken with mere mechanism and dry observation. I would be ever grateful that he brought me to be with him in the West — for education, and affection.” -Miss Livingstone

Z is for Zowie!

Check out what my actor-friend Paula Spurr did when she received my new book from Amazon…Zowie!

N is for New Knowledge – Fine Art of Description

The panels at Norwescon are full of good advice and creative ideas. One panel packed with great tips was The Fine Art of Description. I especially appreciated the section on layering description. Here’s what experienced and professional authors recommend:

L is for Livingstone

But of course looks aren’t everything and in books, they matter little at all. We all want to know her. Who is this young woman anyway? So here’s a passage from Book I – Journey Key, that introduces you well to the ‘witty’ Miss Livingstone on her first ‘unwitting’ journey: