The Big Day! Countdown Kindle Celebration!

Feeling Human Front Cover FinalIn honor of Launch Party Day for Miss Livingstone’s Book II: Memory Key, I’m offering the gift of a 99 cent Kindle of my most popular novel, Feeling Human – written under my other author name, Sheri J. Kennedy. This is a limited time offer for 48 hours, starting on June 28th at 12am PDT. Don’t miss out! GET YOUR COPY NOW!

Here are some Reader Reactions to Feeling Human:

“I really lost myself in it. I liked the variety of characters and experiences…It felt real. A great job capturing a boy who was so hung up on his past he couldn’t move forward in life…both fun and heartwarming…very original and refreshing.”

“I’ve never read anything quite like this. You have a misunderstood youth, sure, but he’s very different from anyone else in the world or in literature… Engaging from the start, satisfying to the end.”

“A unique look into the mindset and emotions of people with entirely different lives, desires, and struggles. This story ties together various tales in a seamless… telling of Jac’s story, of not just self-discovery, but of understanding the reasons behind the actions of others.”

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  1. Awesome, Sheri. I have to read the new Miss Liv first, but I’m heading over to pick this one up too. 🙂

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