Miss Livingstone’s Fine Tea

Mariage Freres header.JPG

Miss Livingstone’s fine tea can finally be yours! I procured some Mariage Freres tea for the Book II: Memory Key Launch Party on June 28th. I found only one place in Seattle where this excellent French tea, that our Miss Livingstone is always sipping, is sold. I made a special pilgrimage to Watson Kennedy to get some to share with anyone who purchases regular hot tea at the party. Upgrade extraordinaire! This will accompany complimentary handmade shortbread cookies while supplies last. Don’t miss out…See you at The Black Dog Arts Cafe’.

Marco Polo is our chosen special blend for this amazing evening of literary and tasty treats. The description seemed especially fitting, and Mr. Ted Kennedy Watson himself recommended it as the most excellent and savored choice. I’m certain Miss Caprice Livingstone would approve!

Marco Polo descriptionMarco Polo


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  1. It’s so fun that you had some of her tea at the launch. I just went to my first tea-tasting, and it was fascinating. Of course, Miss Livingstone would drink the finest of French teas. 🙂

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