Fan Mail! I’m Delighted

I can’t resist sharing this image that was sent by email to me by a Miss Liv fan. They said, “Miss Liv a few centuries earlier.” I quite agree it catches her adventurous, bold spirit perfectly… even has her silvery grey eyes. And this Miss Liv finally found a way to tame those unruly dark…

A Fourth of July Celebration!

Happy Independence Day to those in the U-S-of-A! And big cheers and fireworks-worthy celebration here at Miss Liv Adventures on the same day too!!! At long last, The Unwitting Journeys of the Witty Miss Livingstone – Book III: Dreams Key rode off with great fanfare to the hands of Beta Readers. It’s complete and ready…

I’m Glad We Have Each Other

It’s been a bit tough to post lately. There’s been so much uncertainty here in my home state of Washington, and when we went on lockdown with nearly everything closed, it was as if a weight hung over my head. But things are looking up a bit, and we’re adjusting to our ‘new normal’. And…

Women and Flying Machines

I have a tough time resisting a full read through of any history on early flying machines, especially if there’s a daring woman involved. I thoroughly enjoyed this article about Ruth Law on Pioneers of Aviation, and perhaps you will too. CLICK HERE or on the photo to see more.


Yes, I know…before you correct my spelling, I had a reason for messing up the word accelerate. I’m pleased to announce I’ve finished the Excel spreadsheet from hell, otherwise known as Timeline Points by Character, and I’m ready to move forward speedily with completing Book III (and IV & V) at long last. I’m still…

A Little History & Holiday Shortbread

  While searching my cupboards during my Christmas shortbread baking, I realized the cutters I’d used for the Miss Livingstone Book II Release Party would fit perfectly into my traditional cutter tin. I’ve had the tin for more years than I remember, but my cutter collection had outgrown its bounds. Fortunately I kept it for sentiment……

The Fickle Face of Time

Ironically, I got so caught up in writing this story in response to the Story Board Challenge on FB page, Steampunk Writers Library that I literally lost track of time and left my husband waiting at the bus stop for a ride! So unlike me to do such a thing…He’s forgiven me — for the most part….

Book II’s Train is Coming

The Unwitting Journeys of the Witty Miss Livingstone, Book II: Memory Key is coming down the tracks and will be released soon. ‘Soon’ instead of a firm date has been a bit frustrating, to be honest, but I’m not going to send the story to publication until it lives up to Book I’s Miss Livingstone’s…

Another Piece of History Fading

Over the years many of my favorite businesses have come and gone, but The Two Bells was special. It was ‘my place’ to stop by and have a cheap but very tasty appie and brew while cycling by on my way home from work – bike clothes just fine. Back in the day I owned a…

A Mad Dash

Here’s a snippet of the Beta version – Chapter 6 In Which Miss Livingstone Doesn’t See What’s Coming to Her…

“That was a sudden departure, Caprice,” Mr. Scott called as he offered his arm and glanced after the girl and her brother.

“Mr. Scott, please!” I looked up and down to see if anyone had observed his over-familiarity — most especially Abigale. But she was still busy marching off. Master Henry turned his head and shot me one more crooked grin.

G is for Giggles – Character Sketch

It was tough to choose a photo to represent Janie. Pretty but never coy, smart but sensitive, savvy but down-to-earth. Her blonde hair and blue eyes prove hard to find in vintage photos, which makes me wonder just how much blonde currently comes out of bottles? So the best I could do turned out to be some Mary Pickford photos.
Here’s a peek at Janie’s character, with a snippet from The Unwitting Journeys of the Witty Miss Livingstone: Book II – Memory Key. Coming October 2017:

F is for Father – Character Sketch

The photo is actually Alexander Graham Bell, from fairly close to 1910 when Miss LiV’s story is based. I imagine Father to be younger than this photo, but there was something in it that caught his spark.
Here’s a snippet from the first rewrite of, The Unwitting Journeys of the Witty Miss Livingstone: Book II – Memory Key.