A Little History & Holiday Shortbread


While searching my cupboards during my Christmas shortbread baking, I realized the cutters I’d used for the Miss Livingstone Book II Release Party would fit perfectly into my traditional cutter tin. I’ve had the tin for more years than I remember, but my cutter collection had outgrown its bounds. Fortunately I kept it for sentiment…

…It’s absolutely perfect to suit the flavor of Miss Livingstone’s romance with Mr. Scott Worthington. (Though the painting depicted and historical information on it are considerably before her time – or at least the one she was born in.) In Book III she’ll take an excursion to Scotland, so I’ve been immersed in everything Scottish for research and inspiration during the recent edit. And so old tin and new cutters unite and leave a holiday smile. Happy Christmas!

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  1. How fun to immerse yourself in everything Scottish, Sheri. And what a beautiful tin. Happy New Year and Happy Writing!

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  2. kanewischer says:

    Sheri- I have the same shortbread tin! Really enjoyed reading this post and seeing how you put your tin to work! -Jill

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    1. That’s amazing, Jill! How fun to know we’ve collected the same one. I’m not certain when I got it. I believe it belonged to my mother before me. I’ve had it such a long time. Do you know when and where you got yours? -Sheri

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      1. kanewischer says:

        Sheri – I was so excited when I saw the picture. I got mine for a Christmas gift one year. I use it to hold art supplies. I have several more shortbread tins. I will have to take pictures of them. -Jill

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      2. I’ll look forward to your photos. I have quite a few old tins of various sorts, though I’ve put most away until Christmas baking time again next year, but I’ll have to make a point to photograph more of them next year. They are quite fun to collect and see from time to time.

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      3. kanewischer says:

        I completely agree. They are fun. Mine are all in a storage unit at the moment. But you have given me a wonderful idea for a photo story when I take them out!

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