I’m Glad We Have Each Other

British Army 1918
Photo credit: © IWM (Q 8354) Used by permission from Imperial War Museums.

It’s been a bit tough to post lately. There’s been so much uncertainty here in my home state of Washington, and when we went on lockdown with nearly everything closed, it was as if a weight hung over my head. But things are looking up a bit, and we’re adjusting to our ‘new normal’. And I’ve got to say, I’m glad for our digital tools to keep in touch!

When the current covid-19 crisis turned pandemic, I kept thinking back to the 1918 pandemic that was dubbed, The Spanish Flu, for rather odd reasons. Miss Livingstone’s daughter was very nearly born in the time of this terrifying and horrific threat. So I had researched it and tried to imagine what it would be like. I can tell you, it was unlike what we’re going through now. Because now we have each other!

Our tools to get news instantly across the world and to communicate on blogs and socialize digitally are amazing aids to slow the spread of disease and to keep us mentally and spiritually well.

In 1918 there was much they didn’t understand, but they couldn’t communicate the things they did know to help the population avoid getting sick and/or change from sickness to life threatening illness. Also, odd things happened due to political choices of talking frankly or hiding the threat to ease the masses. Most think that’s why the outbreak was named the Spanish flu, because Spain spoke of it freely while other countries hid it or skewed the numbers. So Spain mistakenly was viewed as hardest hit, and many blamed them as the source. Political decisions can still skew the view, but social media and platforms like blogging allow many independent voices to share their experiences – boots on the ground. We can see the broader picture if we look.

I’m appreciating the free social press and its diverse wide-scattered voices that feel so present with me. I’m also appreciating the world-wide organized press and our direct instant access to words from organizations like the World Health Organization so we know the latest ways to stay safer and help keep our communities well.

But at this very moment, I’m mostly appreciating the encouragement. After nearly a week of near isolation, it helps to hear stories of how other bloggers are feeling, of what people in my neighborhood are doing to support authors, musicians and other artists online or how they’re buying gift cards from local restaurants to keep their revenue coming in while it’s toughest for them. When the organized news spreads stories of hardship, it’s great to understand that people, all around me, are helping. In 1918, people hid in their homes, deathly suspicious of others, uncertain what was going on out there. Through digital sharing we spread good health through a clearer picture and raising spirits with cheer. We can continue to take positive steps to support each other and maintain our unity to fight and defeat this thing together!

I’m here for you! Thanks to all of you who post, for being here for me too! Be well!

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  1. dedmanshootn says:


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    1. Thanks! And here’s your virtual *Hugs* for the day!


  2. Zambian Lady says:

    Stay safe and as healthy as can be. These are trying times.

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  3. Sam says:

    Lovely post! I have only got around to reading it now, but it has put me in a positive and motivated mood for the day. Thank you!!

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    1. So glad Sam! What could be better than that? Enjoy your day!!

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  4. Marron Santillan says:

    Thanks for the lift – this is what I’ve been longing to read! Hope you’re well and please stay healthy!

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    1. Glad it cheered you Marron. Still well, yes. Thanks for reading and for following. I just found your blog and followed you too. Be well!

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      1. Marron Santillan says:

        Thank you so much! Looking forward to reading your upcoming blogs. Love elegance of old photographs!

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      2. Yes, there are so many amazing old photos. One of the fun things I discovered when I started writing historical fiction and researching the past online. I love sharing them when I come across good ones.


  5. Laura Bennet says:

    Thanks for following! I enjoyed your book review and the snatches of your books. I don’t read a lot of historical nor fantasy, but I have to say you’ve intrigued me! I’ll have to add you to my reading list.


    1. Thanks for following also! I’m so happy to hear you’re intrigued and planning to give the story a try. Though it has historical elements and fantasy elements, it’s truly a character-driven story and all kinds of readers have let me know they’ve enjoyed it. I hope you will too! I’m doing my best to have Book III out soon, as readers are asking for more. 🙂 Happy Reading, and Happy Writing to you!

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      1. Laura Bennet says:

        Wishing you all the best in your writing! I just released my fifth book today. It’s quite a process! I’m trying to stick to a routine so I can get my next one out in September. Praying for your success!

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    2. How exciting, Laura! Congrats on your new release!!

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  6. So interesting to compare the 1918 pandemic and this one. Some differences but quite a few similarities too (around politics). I’m been feeling out of sorts too, Sheri. This is so surreal. I’m having trouble focusing and writing, and though I feel safe right now, this is something we’re going to be dealing with, realistically, into 2022. I can’t imagine that. It sucks. But…. one day at a time. There’s good news as our states get a hold of this and work through the logistics. And thank goodness for WP! Stay healthy and positive, my friend. 🙂 We’ll meet for coffee somewhere when this is done. ❤

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    1. Yes, it’s an odd time, and it’s a tough time to be a sensitive person. I feel like there’s a big blanket over everything and it’s one of those scratchy wool kind, not a cozy fleece.
      The thought of a coffee meet-up with you at the end of the tunnel is absolutely lovely! We will make it so…eventually. 🙂

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