A Little Drama

20200227_190626I took time out from editing to attend ‘Murder on the Orient Express’ at our local theatre Valley Center Stage .  I’m always amazed at the imaginative sets and acting talent that come through this theatre. This near life-sized train engine wall mural, with actual lights embedded, greeted patrons as we entered, setting the stage for a fun and intriguing performance. ‘Well done!’ is my review.

I’m still chugging along on Book III of Miss LiV Adventures, ‘Dreams Key’, and making great progress. I’ll continue to keep you posted on the release date!


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  1. That’s a cool greeting when you walked in. I’ll bet it was fun. And good to hear that you’re full speed ahead on book 3! I’m waiting.

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  2. I’m waiting too! LOL. I’m really enjoying the process right now and can’t wait to get the beta out to readers soon. Sounds like you’re making quicker progress than I am. Great job!
    I wish I’d taken a photo of this mural with a person in it to get the scale. The headlamps are life-size, so it’s floor to a high ceiling in height. Very impressive! I also loved that the actors worked with a language voice coach so the characters had their various accents and carried them off well. A fun evening!

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