Fan Mail! I’m Delighted

I can’t resist sharing this image that was sent by email to me by a Miss Liv fan. They said, “Miss Liv a few centuries earlier.” I quite agree it catches her adventurous, bold spirit perfectly… even has her silvery grey eyes. And this Miss Liv finally found a way to tame those unruly dark…

Miss Livingstone in gif

Describe your main character in 3 words and a gif is the challenge. I came upon it through my friend Tam Borgia and her NaNoWriMo blog. So of course we must do this for Miss Livingstone! Impetuous, Passionate, Witty. Since Impetuous came to mind first, that’s what I went with to find a meme…and then I…

Cat’s Got Class

I took an online course today from Cat Rambo on Description and Delivering Information. My favorite tip was: Always choose to describe what’s distinct for that moment in time. That ignites my imagination to see every level of what’s happening in my scene: physical setting, feelings, filters, predicaments, other characters, reactions. I think it will allow me to…

L is for Livingstone

But of course looks aren’t everything and in books, they matter little at all. We all want to know her. Who is this young woman anyway? So here’s a passage from Book I – Journey Key, that introduces you well to the ‘witty’ Miss Livingstone on her first ‘unwitting’ journey:

G is for Giggles – Character Sketch

It was tough to choose a photo to represent Janie. Pretty but never coy, smart but sensitive, savvy but down-to-earth. Her blonde hair and blue eyes prove hard to find in vintage photos, which makes me wonder just how much blonde currently comes out of bottles? So the best I could do turned out to be some Mary Pickford photos.
Here’s a peek at Janie’s character, with a snippet from The Unwitting Journeys of the Witty Miss Livingstone: Book II – Memory Key. Coming October 2017:

F is for Father – Character Sketch

The photo is actually Alexander Graham Bell, from fairly close to 1910 when Miss LiV’s story is based. I imagine Father to be younger than this photo, but there was something in it that caught his spark.
Here’s a snippet from the first rewrite of, The Unwitting Journeys of the Witty Miss Livingstone: Book II – Memory Key.

Conflicting Ideas

In a mere 15 minutes things went from a normal drive home to near chaos. Not much fun when commuting, but absolutely critical when writing. Creating conflict – putting your characters in peril or moral dilemmas or perhaps threatening their relationships – is key to keeping pages turning. Miss Livingstone’s story has been entertaining to me…

I’ve Got a Brand New Pair of Rollerskates

Well, alright, so they were brand new around 1905 or so. My character Miss Livingstone undoubtedly would have tried these if she could get her hands…or feet…on some. First thing I wondered is, ‘Where the heck are the brakes?” But I would have tried them too. Researching characters is such fun. You never know what…