Miss Livingstone in gif

Describe your main character in 3 words and a gif is the challenge. I came upon it through my frienImpetuous memed Tam Borgia and her NaNoWriMo blog. So of course we must do this for Miss Livingstone! Impetuous, Passionate, Witty. Since Impetuous came to mind first, that’s what I went with to find a meme…and then I remembered I was supposed to find a gif. I decided to post the winner of each, meme & gif, as well as the runner up.

Runner up meme is the owl. Too cool and cute!

But I couldn’t resist the impetuous jump. So much like Miss Livingstone’s headlong rush into time travel adventure with the mysterious stone amulets.

impetuous worth it meme

Always take action gifThe runner up gif summed up Miss Livingstone’s impetuous as well as thought out actions that come from her more passionate side. She has a large measure of heart and integrity and will bravely rush forward when she believes she can help one she loves. But it’s not always pleasant or easy for her. Will she come to regret it?



jain_-_come-animation_(take_me_away_from_this_impetuous_world)_(landscape)And I could just see her taking a leap into a teacup without a second thought. (Yes, I know this is coffee…but this is fiction…let’s just imagine…) Much like an Alice in Wonderland moment. She would have been down that rabbit hole and any others she encountered in a heartbeat. So this gif wins…Miss Livingstone in a cup.


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