Ninny Rhino Achieved! Camp NaNo Challenge Accepted!

ninny-rhino-badgeIn the month of March I took up D. Wallace Peach’s Ninny Rhino challenge – mostly because I wanted the awesome Rhino Badge, but also because I needed to get back on track with disciplined writing sessions and immerse myself in Miss Livingstone’s twisty time travel plot until I solved the remaining plot knots. It worked! 60 hours later, I proudly wear the Ninny Rhino, and I’m moving full steam ahead on Book III Beta version! Now it’s on to Camp NaNo where I’ve set a 50 hour goal. I’ll be at Norwescon for 4 days on Writer’s Row meeting readers and signing books, so gave a 10 hour easement this month for that ‘time off’.

Happy Reading! and Happy Writing, if you do that too! -KJQ

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