Tangled Knots are Fabulous Plots

…AT LAST! I would hate to admit how many hours it’s taken to untangle the web woven my Miss Livingstone’s books I & II. So many lovely mysteries were threaded and I was determined to bring them to a most incredible and rewarding tapestry at the end.

I believe I’ve done it. I’ve plotted and re-plotted and thought till my brains were knotted. The 5 book story questions are at last answered and mysteries are solved. “What?” you say. “You didn’t know where you were taking us? How utterly frightening!”
“Oh, yes, Dear Readers,” I assure. “I knew the journey and the way to satisfy our beloved Miss Livingstone’s nature, but each step of the twisty pathways of a time traveler would be quite dull if perfectly planned in the beginning. And Miss Livingstone, being oh-so-impetuous, surprised me – as well as you – at several turns.”

Now that I’ve got a road map to find my way through to perfect the already written drafts of books III & IV, I can charge ahead to drop in and rearrange some scenes. Soon I’ll bring you all the way to a smashing conclusion in book V. Book III will be published as quickly as I can polish it up…with more to come!

-Kennedy J. Quinn

p.s. I was desperately tempted to photograph the intensely scribbled upon pages within the notebook to show you the complexity of the tangling, but as the title page suggests, the risk of spoilers is just too great. I can’t wait to share the tale that springs from the notes!



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  2. winneyb says:

    Marvelous you! Can’t wait to see the next cover, and novel!

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