Miss LiV Book II: Memory Key – Released!

So excited! The final formatting, edits and cover tweaks have been completed, and the final buttons pushed. Just waiting on the gears at Amazon and Kindle to crank into production on May 31st. Just ONE DAY AWAY! That’s right…Mark your calendar, Pick up Book I Now, and get set on May 31st to snap up this long-awaited sequel! I’ll…

A Mad Dash

Here’s a snippet of the Beta version – Chapter 6 In Which Miss Livingstone Doesn’t See What’s Coming to Her…

“That was a sudden departure, Caprice,” Mr. Scott called as he offered his arm and glanced after the girl and her brother.

“Mr. Scott, please!” I looked up and down to see if anyone had observed his over-familiarity — most especially Abigale. But she was still busy marching off. Master Henry turned his head and shot me one more crooked grin.

L is for Livingstone

But of course looks aren’t everything and in books, they matter little at all. We all want to know her. Who is this young woman anyway? So here’s a passage from Book I – Journey Key, that introduces you well to the ‘witty’ Miss Livingstone on her first ‘unwitting’ journey:

1905 Boston – A Civilized Setting

I often find it easiest to get a sense of setting visually, so I love the online photo archives of the Library of Congress. Here are a couple of photos of the transportation options and look of the city where Miss Livingstone would have come of age. I was having trouble reading the date, but…