1905 Boston – A Civilized Setting

copley-square-looking-east-boston-1905I often find it easiest to get a sense of setting visually, so I love the online photo archives of the Library of Congress. Here are a couple of photos of the transportation options and look of the city where Miss Livingstone would have come of age. I was having trouble reading the date, but I believe it’s Boston either 1905 or 1906. Very civilized indeed.



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  1. winneyb says:

    And what a change for het out must’ve been to come here to Snoqualmie! You can really feel the culture shock after seeing these photos!

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    1. Definitely. That’s one of the reasons it was so important to research since it impacted her as a person. She seems a bit whiney about the muddy roads when she arrives west, but she was used to lovely parkways and squares with street cars and subways. And she truly would have been ecstatic about the opening of a bookshop in town, right? At least Seattle was up and coming in 1909, even after the setback of the fire.


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