I’ve Got my Towel…Time to Travel!

  I can’t wait to arrive at Norwescon! Come on down to Seatac DoubleTree and join the fun! I’ve got my new steampunk trope Octopus towel at the ready for this year’s theme, and a table lined up to share with my esteemed colleagues Rachel Barnard, Sheri J Kennedy and Victoria Bastedo on Writer’s Row….

On the Road Again

I promise I’m working hard on completing Book III for release, but it’s been great to be out the last 3 weekends meeting readers and finding new inspiration at book booths with NiWA and my friends at Clockwork Dragon. Here’s a photo from the So NW Women’s Show in Tacoma. Next stop, Norwescon at the…

O is for Opinions – Brain Prosthesis & Our Future

Artwork: Humana Mechanica -We Build From and To the Stars, by Sheri Walton Kennedy – Here are my notes with some of the thoughts and opinions from:”Brain Prosthesis and Mind Control.”
Panelists: David Shoemaker, PJ Manney, Jake McKinzie

N is for New Knowledge – Fine Art of Description

The panels at Norwescon are full of good advice and creative ideas. One panel packed with great tips was The Fine Art of Description. I especially appreciated the section on layering description. Here’s what experienced and professional authors recommend:

M is for Marvelous – Norwescon

Originally posted on sheri j kennedy ~ Riverside:
Norwescon is Marvelous in the old-fashioned sense of the term. Marvels await around every turn. I spend most of my time in panels and workshops, honing writing skills, exchanging ideas, listening to readings by incredible authors and speculating on what the future holds. I also like to attend…

H is for Hello!

I’m curious but not nosy, intellectual but not a brainiac, active but not an athlete, and an artist through and through. I’m definitely an introvert, but in the last several years I’ve come to appreciate community, and being a active part of one has helped me thrive. Blogging is much about community for me too. I love connecting with people all over the world.