Woooot! Book II: Memory Key is Here -Cover Reveal & New Release!

Yes! It’s up and ready to read on Amazon! Paperback is HERE and Kindle is HERE. Get your copy Today! And here’s a snippet to start your journey: “Riding perched on the seat behind Jaimeson, I recalled how deceiving the gentle passage of time could be. I fingered my mother’s locket where it hung faithfully around my…

Miss LiV Book II: Memory Key – Released!

So excited! The final formatting, edits and cover tweaks have been completed, and the final buttons pushed. Just waiting on the gears at Amazon and Kindle to crank into production on May 31st. Just ONE DAY AWAY! That’s right…Mark your calendar, Pick up Book I Now, and get set on May 31st to snap up this long-awaited sequel! I’ll…

Final Pages of the Final Edit

I always get a good laugh at the Final, Very Final, Very Very Final edit files of authors. I know the feeling. But over the years I’ve developed a method, and I can tell you, I’m on the Final edit of the ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) of Book II: Memory Key. That means I’m less…

Woot! Book II ARC done & I won Camp NaNo

It’s such a relief and utter thrill to be done with Book II’s ARC of Miss LiV Adventures! (advance reader copy). Just a few more touch-ups for the release in May!!! All those editing hours also made me win Camp NaNo early – for the first time ever. 🙂 Can’t wait for my upcoming events….

A Wee Bit of Fame

I don’t live near a bookstore, so I get to browse one much too seldom. To my delight, when I was in Issaquah (about 20 miles away) this weekend, I found Miss Livingstone, Book I at the ‘local’ Barnes & Noble! Besides the excitement of seeing my book on the shelf, I was thrilled they…

Another Piece of History Fading

Over the years many of my favorite businesses have come and gone, but The Two Bells was special. It was ‘my place’ to stop by and have a cheap but very tasty appie and brew while cycling by on my way home from work – bike clothes just fine. Back in the day I owned a…

Coming Soon…Can I Sleep First?

Yup, I was down to the wire, but met my Camp NaNoWriMo goal again in July. 3630 more minutes on Book II of The Unwitting Journeys of the Witty Miss Livingstone. I’m working hard to get it out to you this Fall! …but now it’s Nighty-night time. Zzzzzz

Super Excited about CapitalIndieBookCon2

I’ll be at CapitalIndieBookCon2 this Saturday, May 13th at Olympia Center along with my Author-friends in FVP Books and a ton of other Indie Authors from around the Pacific NW! This event was fun last year and there’s a huge variety of great books to pick up and have signed when you meet the authors. Love to read? Come on down… 11am-6pm, FREE admission too!

Y is for Yesterday

Wine & Words was a hit! Turn out was great, and everyone enjoyed the quality and entertainment of the stories, stage-plays and poetry that was shared. So much talent in our area! A big thanks to The Black Dog Arts Cafe’ for providing the venue and great food, drinks and service last night – as always!

W is for Walk – North Bend Jazz Walk

One of my favorite nights of the year, from Six to Midnight my town’s small venues are taken over by jazz musicians from high school students to legends. Here’s a smattering of what I saw, and if you’d like to hear some, you can click on the links-Find HD for better view… Greg Ruby Group:…

M is for Marvelous – Norwescon

Originally posted on sheri j kennedy ~ Riverside:
Norwescon is Marvelous in the old-fashioned sense of the term. Marvels await around every turn. I spend most of my time in panels and workshops, honing writing skills, exchanging ideas, listening to readings by incredible authors and speculating on what the future holds. I also like to attend…

J is for Join In! Feeling Human Launch

Yay! The big day is finally here and my new book Feeling Human is officially released on Amazon! In celebration I’m hosting a Virtual Launch on Facebook and will be hanging out at Writer’s Cafe’ with books available for signing all evening. You can find out more HERE! Join in!