A Glowing Opportunity

20200203_170152aMt. Si glowed gorgeously out my window all day today, matching my mood. I’ve been a bit down about the delays on Book III’s final edit. Though I’m determined and marching forward to complete and publish it as soon as it’s brilliant – or at least up to Miss Livingstone’s particular standards.

But today I was cheered by taking a leap. One that felt as bold as our dear heroine might indulge. I submitted The Unwitting Journeys of the Witty Miss Livingstone: Journey Key, to Writers Digest’s Self-Published Book Awards contest for 2020. The contest is judged on Content, Quality of Writing, and Overall Design and Production of the book.

The potential prizes are inspiring and the excitement of taking the chance has rekindled my hope of someday getting Miss Livingstone before many more eyes, so readers everywhere can enjoy her antics and adventures. Wish me (and Miss Livingstone) luck!


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  1. dedmanshootn says:

    YAY!! beauty pic too


    1. Mt was amazing all day. A photographer could have sat at the viewpoint for hours getting spectacular photos in nearly every mood of mist, clouds, sun, snow and spectacular color. Glad I have an office window that caught several of the best times.


  2. Good for you, Sheri, for submitting the book! Beautiful view of the sunlit mountain. And I’m rooting for you!

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