A Worthy Cause

20161105_211256What do you do with your book sales money? I’m a bit of a starving artist, but it’s because no matter how successful I become I live passionately. And part of that is giving money to good causes and to support other artists and people who give service in my community.

Tonight I attended a fundraiser for VAP (Valley Animal Partners), an organization that raises money to provide spay & neutering, as well as vaccinations  for pets of seniors, veterans, and others who can’t afford these services. Pets can significantly raise the quality of life for people, and proper care of them is good for everyone.

The event was at our local Eagles hall in Snoqualmie. I appreciate the service of this organization and their provision of a meeting place for local events and families.

20161105_211516So tonight, 1 book sale (gross, not net) went to the purchase of beer from the eagles, including a 40% tip to thank the bartenders for serving this event. 3 book sales + went to VAP to support the fine work they do and to thank their volunteers for a fun and tasty chili cook-off and dessert auction event.

In addition to the satisfaction of giving back, I brought home some delicious Texas Sheet Cake cookies that remind me of one of the most delicious treats my mom used to make. I got to taste my favorite bottled beer, Elysian brewery’s, Space Dust IPA, on tap. And I had a great time tasting chili, voting for a chili chef winner, and hanging out with some fun and generous people. Giving back is fun!



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