Book III – I Can See the Light

Quite often finishing the draft of a book feels like coming out of a tunnel for me. The spectacular sunset on the mountain out my window yesterday evening came through my former story fog with crisp clarity. I haven’t fully seen the beauty outside of Miss Livingstone’s world for over a month.  I write my drafts…

Super Excited about CapitalIndieBookCon2

I’ll be at CapitalIndieBookCon2 this Saturday, May 13th at Olympia Center along with my Author-friends in FVP Books and a ton of other Indie Authors from around the Pacific NW! This event was fun last year and there’s a huge variety of great books to pick up and have signed when you meet the authors. Love to read? Come on down… 11am-6pm, FREE admission too!

H is for Hello!

I’m curious but not nosy, intellectual but not a brainiac, active but not an athlete, and an artist through and through. I’m definitely an introvert, but in the last several years I’ve come to appreciate community, and being a active part of one has helped me thrive. Blogging is much about community for me too. I love connecting with people all over the world.

Already Amazed

I’m Already Amazed at how much work I have to do on Miss LiV Adventures, Book II this month. I’ve signed up for 75 hours of editing as my goal for Camp NaNoWriMo, and I’m also taking the A to Z Blogging Challenge to post each day this month for you here on the blog….

Fabulously Odd

OddMall in Everett did not disappoint. Once again there was an amazing and fun collection of artworks and other wonders and the people that went with them. And we even sold a few books! #OddMallPNW

Whoo hoo! First Amazon Review!

The first review is up for The Unwitting Journeys of the Witty Miss Livingstone: Journey Key…And it was 5 stars too! Let the celebration begin! And in regards to the wait…sorry about that. I’m writing and editing as fast as I can! -KJQ

Have Some Fun!

Bard & Starlet Radio Hour is back!  This year’s show is Ghosts of Future Past. This 40’s style radio play is written by 5 authors local to the Seattle area and will be performed live on stage by local actors. FreeValley Publishing is presenting the show Free to our community to thank them for supporting us and our local…

It’s Coming!

The Witty Miss Livingstone is boarding the steam train and traveling through time to Amazon…Release date for The Unwitting Journey’s of the Witty Miss Livingstone, Book I: Journey Key is October 25, 2016. A native of Boston, Miss Livingstone has settled with her inventor father in the foothills town of Snoqualmie, Washington in 1910. When…


I’m so excited about the Release of the first book of the Miss LiV Adventures series, The Unwitting Journeys of the Witty Miss Livingstone: Journey Key! And as I celebrate the big day, I’m reminded of another celebration. My friend Jeffrey Cook had a great Launch Party for his regency era adventure novel, Dawn of Steam:…

Ticket to Ride

  Since Miss LiV Adventures is a brand new site, and Journey Key is the first book, I thought it might help to post a bit of a road map to Miss Livingstone’s (and Kennedy J. Quinn’s) world. This site will feature more than book covers and release dates. There will be tidbits of history,…