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Yes, I know…before you correct my spelling, I had a reason for messing up the word accelerate. I’m pleased to announce I’ve finished the Excel spreadsheet from hell, otherwise known as Timeline Points by Character, and I’m ready to move forward speedily with completing Book III (and IV & V) at long last. I’m still hoping to release Book III in 2019.

For all of you who ask, ‘How do you keep track of all those tricky timeline plot twists?’ I would have to answer, ‘Not very well.’ But I believe I’ve finally got a tracking system with traction. More soon!

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  1. winneyb says:

    Congratulations on completing that huge worksheet! Complex stories like yours are gold, and we can sit back and enjoy your brilliance!


    1. LOL…looking forward to sitting back and enjoying the whole series myself one day. At the rate I forget the details of my own story, it will be a grand adventure to read it and find out what happens!


  2. dave says:



  3. I’ve often wondered how you keep track of it too. I love Excel for that. Good to hear that the writing is starting!


    1. Yes, I finally caved and did the Excel sheet, but I also copy and pasted each Character/Timeline column into a separate word document so I can easily read through it chronologically. I’ll print those and keep each character’s multiple timelines together to compare and collate where it’s the same. I’ll file them all in my Scrivener project too. These steps are definitely needed for me. I envy those with better lineal memories. Although I think these plot splits and twists might challenge the best of them! Thanks for the encouragement!

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