A Bit of Tradition

DSCN8587Each year the holidays are filled with nostalgia for me. Much of my family are gone, so when my brother visits, it’s cherished time. Decorating with her handmade Raggedy Ann and several eras of my mums handcrafted egg ornaments adds to the fun traditions. The darkest day has passed and Winter Solstice marks the return of light. Best of the season to you all!

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  1. LittleFears says:

    “We’re halfway out of the dark.” – Doctor Who

    Nice Raggedy doll. 🙂

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    1. And we’re halfway in the dark, I suppose, but even a smidge more light makes all the difference. My brother hubby and I saw the Doctor Who Christmas Special as one of the highlights of our Christmas day together. 🙂 My mum was a patient and skilled crafter, but this tiny pattern was so hard to stuff that she never made the Andy. It must have been difficult indeed, as she was quite determined generally. She made it in the mid ’70s, so Raggedy’s kept well it seems. She’s been in my care for about 10 years now and always makes me smile when she appears from her perfectly sized flat snowman box.

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      1. LittleFears says:

        Darn, she has kept well from the 70s!

        Halfway out of the dark. I reckon it’s hopeful positive line. As a natural glass half-fuller, that’s the way I’m takin it. 🙂

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  2. *brother, hubby. They are not one and the same…lol.


  3. Beautiful, Sheri. My mom used to make egg-ornaments too. I think I have one left and treasure it. Happy New Year and enjoy the returning light. 😀


  4. My mum made increasingly elegant and intricate ones. I have tons of them now since I had my own collection and then inherited my parents collection as well. We also gave many to good friends of hers when she passed. It’s fun to see all the phases of her creativity and the refinement skills. This year I hung mostly the oldest ones since I was feeling nostalgic. My tree is way to small for them all. That’s interesting that your mom made egg ornaments too. 🙂 Happy New Year to you and many bright days ahead!


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