Way Back Wednesday-Palmer House

One of the most difficult parts of writing a time-travel adventure is also one of the best parts for me. I’ve never been a history buff, so this came as a surprise. When I strike out on a path to find some historical texture or a particular reference for a scene, I lose track of time. When I look up next, I realize I’ve wandered off into another era.

Some things I found made it into the book and many didn’t. Some will be in books 2-5. But there’s just too much cool stuff to keep the bulk of it to myself in Scrivener notes. So each Wednesday, I’ll post a tidbit that I found and the images that sparked my muse.

palmer-house-hotel-1903In the first scene of Book I: Journey Key, Miss Livingstone talks about her train journey from Boston to Snoqualmie. I was amazed to find that in 1910, one could ride from Boston to Chicago in less than 24 hours for about $33 on The 20th Century Limited. Chicago was a major hub, and the Palmer House Hotel was the place to stay.

This photo from 1903 captured my imagination, and The Palmer House became part of Miss Livingstone’s history too.

(photo is public domain-click on image to follow credit link)


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