It’s Coming!

The Witty Miss Livingstone is boarding the steam train and traveling through time to Amazon…Release date for The Unwitting Journey’s of the Witty Miss Livingstone, Book I: Journey Key is October 25, 2016.

A native of Boston, Miss Livingstone has settled with her inventor father in the foothills town of Snoqualmie, Washington in 1910. When her curiosity pulls her into the soon to open, Mr. Thomas Worthington’s Most Excellent Bookshop, she is also pulled into the mystery of a set of stone amulets. She touches one of the irresistible gems in his curio cabinet and is whisked away through time. She meets the charming older Mr.Worthington in 1941 before meeting him back in Snoqualmie and hears of his hopes to twist their fate.

She continues her pursuit of the mystery of the stone’s powers and collects books throughout time to win the affection of the younger Mr.Thomas. She shares the tales of her adventures and her fears of Mr. Thomas’ dark partner, Mr. Manush, with her best friend Miss Mary Jane Adams.

See the official blurb and get your copy of this new release Time Travel Adventure on


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