Ticket to Ride


Since Miss LiV Adventures is a brand new site, and Journey Key is the first book, I thought it might help to post a bit of a road map to Miss Livingstone’s (and Kennedy J. Quinn’s) world.

This site will feature more than book covers and release dates. There will be tidbits of history, photos from the nearby Northwest Railway Museum, writing tips and heartfelt posts of the ups and downs of writing and indie-publishing. I hope you’ll check back often or feel free to FOLLOW below.

Here are some useful links to keep up on all things Miss LiV and Kennedy J. Quinn and other random artwork and adventures:

Book I on Kindle        Book I in Paperback






Kennedy J. Quinn

Facebook                       Twitter



FreeValley Publishing     KJQ’s Author Page

fvp-binding-logo kennedy-j-quinn-portrait-tint

Personal/Photography Blog


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