Image by Yogendra Singh from Pixabay

I typed this, (SEE BLOG POST TITLE…YAY!!!) tonight in the final book draft of the final Miss Liv Adventures Book V: Life Key. WOW! What a journey.

When I started a five-book series, I knew it would be many years and unimaginable hours of writing and rewriting, editing and perfecting. But I didn’t understand what that would actually feel like.

I had pretty much finished the drafts. Announced I was in final rewrite and edit mode. But I still had to answer the last story questions. I thought it through, imagined, read it as a reader – hoping to make you say, “Wow. Oh. Yes. Yes! Ah…”

I thought I had one or two more chapters to go. But I read back to fix Chapter 23 and had all of those moments. There’s nothing more to say. I’m done. Truly done.

My critique partner, incredible friend, writing consultant, story conscience, “but what about”-girl, Victoria Bastedo was here – across the table for dinner and a writing evening. She was abundantly pleased, and might I say, thrilled, to share the moment. So I’m sharing it with all of you, as well.

I personally giggled with delight, as our impetuous Miss Livingstone might, that this happened at 23/23/23. The 23 enigma lives. And I lived through drafting a 5 book series.

Now I just have to complete the rewrite and edit. I know it will happen. And it will be glorious!

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