New Year, New Book, and New Review


I’m delighted to share this short interview and review of Miss Liv III that D. Wallace Peach posted on her blog. What fun to be featured by this amazing author! Thanks, Diana!!

Myths of the Mirror

A Journey Through Time…and Time Again

I’m taking a break from my break to bring you a highly recommended series and new release from blogger and writer, Kennedy J. Quinn (aka Sheri). I’ve read the first two books in The Unwitting Journeys of the Witty Miss Livingstone series and bugged Kennedy for a year regarding the third. Finally it’s out. My review is below, but before going there, I was curious:

My Question for Kennedy: One thing that I noticed (and loved) in the very first book, as well as in subsequent reads, is Miss Livingstone’s distinctive voice. I’d swear a proper and very witty young lady was whispering her thoughts and dialog into your ear. Where did this voice come from and why does it feel so authentic? Are you secretly Miss Livingstone?

Kennedy’s Answer:This question (or questions) made me laugh. I’m delighted Miss…

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  1. Terrific review! Look forward to starting the series.

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  2. Thanks Laurie!! Have fun reading! 🙂


  3. Thanks again for playing along on my blog, Sheri. It’s been a total pleasure hosting you, and I wish you great success with the latest Miss Liv journey. Now I’ll have to start bugging you for the next one! Lol.

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    1. LOL… Yes, I’m taking a short break to work on, and hopefully release, my next Sheri J Kennedy novel, and then I plan to finish Book IV: Secret Key and Book V: Life Key in quick succession and release them at nearly the same time. Stay tuned! Thanks again!!!

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