Anthology Front Cover Lost Train FinalI’m so excited to be featured with my short story “Off the Rails” in this new anthology from FVP Books! THE LOST TRAIN Anthology is coming soon. Release is September 1st! Authors and Artists were paired to create works for the project. And it was especially welcome and encouraging to communicate and get to know each other during the covid-19 lock down. The resulting Anthology is amazing, and I can’t wait to share it with you!

I know you’re waiting for Book III: Dreams Key, in the Miss LiV Adventures series, and I assure you, it’s on it’s way this Fall! But in the meanwhile… I have an EASTER EGG for those of you who have read (or want to read) Books I & II: In this Anthology’s story “Off the Rails,” what’s Mrs. Scott’s first name? DON’T SPOIL BY ANSWERING IN COMMENTS – BUT IF YOU SEND ME THE CORRECT ANSWER THROUGH THE CONTACT PAGE HERE ON MISS LIV ADVENTURES, I’LL ENTER YOU INTO A DRAWING FOR A FREE SIGNED COPY OF BOOK III: DREAMS KEY! To be eligible, submit your answer before the release of Dreams Key this Fall.

THE LOST TRAIN anthology presents a diversity of visions, ideas and genres interpreted in seven short stories and ten works of art. Created for enjoyment by all ages, on the theme: The Lost Train. A cooperative collection from FVP Books Authors and NBA&I Artists. Proceeds benefit non-profit Arts organization: North Bend Arts & Industry.


Mash-up of Speculative Fiction/Steam Era Time Travel – Thoughts run OFF THE RAILS into dementia and alternate reality. Love stories run parallel through tests of time. Can a steam train break through space-time into dimensions of the mind? Is it true, all you need is love?  By Sheri J. Kennedy & Kennedy J. Quinn * Paired Artists: Kristin Tetuán and Cameron Tower & Ellen Rowan

As you see, this was a collaboration with author Sheri J. Kennedy (who also shares my brain. LOL) Meet my Kennedy J. Quinn Paired Artists, Cameron Tower & Ellen Rowan who collaborated on an astounding metal sculpture train fabricated from found and reclaimed pieces, that relates to my story…and find a SNIPPET of the new short story and more in a FVP Feature POST HERE. Thanks for reading! 

All Proceeds from the Anthology benefit non-profit Arts organization North Bend Art & Industry. Thanks for supporting the Arts!


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  1. Perfect, Sheri! Congrats to all the authors on the new release!

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  2. This is interesting. I like the idea of the inclusion of the artworks.

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    1. It was a fun project. Our FreeValley Publishing authors group has done other cooperative projects with visual artists and always had great experiences. I’m both a literary and visual artist, and I see how my own works fit together, so I often challenge authors to make such a connection. I’m aka Sheri J Kennedy, so am the coordinator and editor of The Lost Train Anthology. I was extremely rewarding to meet artists in my community and to watch the artist and authors interact. I couldn’t recommend this experience more highly. Amazing and inspiring to all! Thanks for stopping by and for commenting. 🙂


  3. Hobbo says:

    Congratulations to an obviously very busy lady. 👏

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