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  1. winneyb says:

    YOU are awesome! I can’t read those little letters, but I am teased, ha ha!


  2. Can you make it bigger on that awesome new laptop you have? If not…try your sweet little phone. I hope you can see…if not, I’ll share it with you next time I see you WinneyB, and with anyone else I’ll post again more clearly. Just let me know if you can’t read it. Teasing is fine, but it must deliver something nice. 🙂

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  3. Ok, so my touch screen I can just do that touch and expand thing, but you can go into your settings in Windows and temporarily choose higher percentage of magnification if needed. Hehe. I typed maginification before I fixed it. I love new words, and that one has potential…at least in a fantasy story. 🙂


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