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  1. Erik says:

    Hi, Sheri. What a cool blog setup!

    It’s 6:30 AM here. The window is open still from having listened to the steady rain last night. And the birds are quite enthusiastic about starting this day.

    It’s good to know that you have the birds to “reverse complain” in your ear all day at work, no matter who else may. 🙂

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    1. Indeed! Their chatter is so cheerful. And today I can also hear the steady rain…comforting. I’m on my own at work today, so I’m enjoying the company of the birds too. Have a great day, Erik!

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  2. Erik says:

    You too, Sheri. Nice to start the day with a shared experience, even from opposite coasts.

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  3. I don’t believe we have the white crowns here in Colorado, although I could be mistaken. They have a beautiful song!

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    1. Just checked Cornell for you: https://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/White-crowned_Sparrow/id Yes, you have them. They’re my favorite for length and variety of song. I learned to spot them several years ago when bird-watching with my brother. There was one perched on a central tree that we kept passing throughout the day and he was always singing his heart out. He sang his way into mine. The little flock of them has continued to spend much of the day by my window. I hope they’ll be here all season.

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      1. Well, I’ll be darned! And also knitted! I didn’t realize we had that species. Thanks for checking!

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