P – Pools & Persnickety Pursuit

And because I used the official ‘P’ post to whine and rant…Here’s a Proffered Pleasantly Punchy Post from Past Poetry I’ve Published for Patrons.

sheri j kennedy ~ Riverside


…and because it’s fun, a reprise of my 2013 A to Z post:

Persnickety Pursuita-to-z-letters-p

Penelope, though pretty, was particularly picky and perused the proffered products at Pittsburgh’s Provincial Plaza with practiced precision to procure the perfect pair of pumps. She persisted in poking and prodding prolific piles of plastic and patent. There were paisley, pink, puce, and platinum. She was partial to the pastel purple pointy plush, but she put priority on price and pushed them to the posterior. Peeved, her pulse palpitated.

“Please provide a pleasant proposition,” she pleaded to Providence. Presto! She pinpointed a perky plaid prize precariously perched on a pedestal. She was poised to pounce when a peculiar pesky patron perpetrated a perplexing play popping the pleasing platforms from their post into her pernicious paws, provoking Penelope and parting Poof! preventing proper pardon.

Portly Paul peered through the pane into Polly’s Posh Primping Pavilion perceiving that Penelope was profusely perturbed…

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  1. dedmanshootn says:

    awesome aliterative action, and also addictive… additionally, awaiting another 😎

    Liked by 1 person

    1. LOL..Likelihood of Lilting Lovliness of Like Literary Latitude is Little. But Laborious Limber Language is Lusciously Luring to Linger and Long for.


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