K is for Kindred Spirits

Mom & Friend 1934It’s always great to feel understood. I suppose that’s what many of us are reaching for when we post our thoughts, ideas, creations and interests online. Somewhere out there someone is bound to connect and understand or at least support and relate to what we care about.

I had the joy today of sharing my book launch with fellow writers and supportive friends and a few random wonderful folks out there in the blogosphere. It was fun to celebrate with you, and I thank all who celebrated with me by purchasing a Kindle or Book and/or who took a moment to smile and cheer and understand the excitement of a creation given to the world, a job well done and a story shared.

Thanks! 🙂

Photo is vintage 1934 from the Archives of the Likness family. The gal on the left is my mom, and the son of the gal on the right sent me this photo after he found some photos I had posted from the same era tagged with my mom’s name. He searched for her name from where it was written on the back of this photo and he contacted me from info on my blog. I was able to send him a few more from the old Vancouver, B.C. neighborhood where our grandparents and parents lived in the early ’30s. And he sent me this one and some others. Such random wonders and serendipitous connections come from the http://www. 


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  1. Isn’t that lovely that he took the time to share the photo? So cute. 🙂 Congrats of the book launch, too!

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    1. It was really a wonderful gesture that he contacted me, and was a warm fuzzy out of the blue. Those small encouragements can be huge in impact sometimes. And thanks for your encouragement regarding the launch!

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  2. I love the vintage photo and the blog. So much creativity here! I look forward to following.

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    1. Thanks, I love the photos on your site too, and I hope to look over more of them soon.

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