An Orchestrated Meeting – Short Story

Here’s a supernatural bonus story for fans of Miss Livingstone who’ve come to the blog to learn more. This is the backstory of when the mysterious Mr. Niccoló Manush met Miss Livingstone’s fine Scottish book-seller, Mr. Thomas Worthington, in Paris near the turn of the century. The unlikely pair later become business partners in the American west, along with the monstrously…

River Walk – Flagging Flotsam

Originally posted on sheri j kennedy ~ Riverside:
When I cleared the trees and arrived at the river, I had a moment of disappointment. The light was nearly gone from the place and the waters were blue and cold without highlights of the sun. But the rushing water sounded magnificent, still high after recent heavy rains,…


Sometimes a writer just needs a getaway to bring the story back into focus…A few of my photos from last weekend’s WA coast trip – Ruby Beach

U is for Unfurl

Leaves are unfurling and Spring green celebrations are bursting from the trees at last.