Q is for Quality

I find it interesting that the first definition of Quality is a comparison. It’s Better than. It’s no wonder so many are concerned with the opinion of others. However the second definition is about a Distinctive attribute…that which makes it different.

O is for Opinions – Brain Prosthesis & Our Future

Artwork: Humana Mechanica -We Build From and To the Stars, by Sheri Walton Kennedy – Here are my notes with some of the thoughts and opinions from:”Brain Prosthesis and Mind Control.”
Panelists: David Shoemaker, PJ Manney, Jake McKinzie

Why Books are Living Things

Originally posted on Myths of the Mirror:
Pixabay image – Arthur Rackham In contemplating what to write about today, I’ve decided to go a little off the deep end for the bewilderment of my readers. We writers can be a touch eccentric, and in order to perpetuate the characterization, I thought I’d chat about stuff…


I stand in the valley where I live, in the company of this great mountain, and gasp and sigh. Every day is extraordinary!