Y is for Yesterday

Wine & Words was a hit! Turn out was great, and everyone enjoyed the quality and entertainment of the stories, stage-plays and poetry that was shared. So much talent in our area! A big thanks to The Black Dog Arts Cafe’ for providing the venue and great food, drinks and service last night – as always!

When I conceived of Wine & Words, I was thinking it would be somewhat of a performance by FreeValley Publishing/FVP Books authors, but it was also billed as a Literary Open Mic, and I’m so glad it was. We met some more theater folks in our area, including some excellent writers who would like to chat more about the differences and similarities of stage and novel writing – which I’m sure will improve all of our crafts.

Since I brought and set up a small bookshop, co-ordinated the reading schedule and MC’d for the evening – as well as read twice – I did a much worse than usual job of taking photos to capture the event. I have images of only

a few of the dozen readers who made us laugh, spooked us, made us think and feel and swept us away to other times and places.

I did catch both readings of our Special Guest, Jeffrey Cook. And you can see/hear a video snippet of his first reading from Dawn of Steam: First Light HERE.


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  1. The addition of open mic must have been fun. It sounds like a great success, Sheri.

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    1. I enjoyed the readers from our authors, but the open mic brought in some excellent surprises that made it even better. Very fun!

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  2. Reblogged this on FreeValley Publishing and commented:
    Our FVP authors had a great time with our community at Wine & Words. Here are some photos from the evening…

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