D is for Donuts – Superior Donuts

In the midst of the last minute rush to get my book out, I took a few hours to attend our local community theater production of Superior Donuts. It was funny, powerful and very well done. If you’re in the area, don’t miss the last weekend of the run – Tickets Here. The time spent was a great trade-off. Minutes for renewed energy. Nothing inspires me to keep creating like appreciating the end product, talents and hard work of what others have created. Art feeds art. And it was great to support a few of our actors that were cast in our authors group, FVP’s Bard & Starlet production too.


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  1. “Nothing inspires me to keep creating like appreciating the end product, talents and hard work of what others have created. Art feeds art.”

    Well said, and quite true to my own experience, as well. I also find inspiration in nature (Who, but a deprived soul, doesn’t?), people in general, and the sciences.

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    1. I suppose I’m really finding inspiration in people as well, though I have a tendency to think I’m inspired by their works…interesting. I hadn’t really thought about that distinction before.

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  2. Hmm…That’s an interesting distinction indeed.


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