Mt. Si – The Perfect Backdrop

20161216_154937Mt. Si is the perfect backdrop for a story. Its many moods and ever-changing beauty can be counted on to inspire the writer and readers. And if a reader happens to be in the area, it would be an amazing daytrip to visit Mt. Si and the other places in Snoqualmie Valley that appear in the Miss Liv Adventures series. Even in the late 1800’s people were visiting from all over the world to see Snoqualmie Falls. And they still do today. But I’ll show you the Falls another day.

The falls are about 5 miles from where I work and under 10 from where I live, and Mt. Si is between the two. It towers over North Bend and is part of nearly every vista in Snoqualmie – the two towns within the Upper Valley area. I can see Mt. Si from my desk at work, so I catch many moments like this one of vivid and gorgeous lighting that appear for mere minutes on any given day. I’ll share more occasionally here, or if you like photos of natural beauty, I share many on my other blog sherijkennedyriverside. Come by and see me there too!

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