Woooot! Book II: Memory Key is Here -Cover Reveal & New Release!

Yes! It’s up and ready to read on Amazon! Paperback is HERE and Kindle is HERE. Get your copy Today! And here’s a snippet to start your journey: “Riding perched on the seat behind Jaimeson, I recalled how deceiving the gentle passage of time could be. I fingered my mother’s locket where it hung faithfully around my…

Final Pages of the Final Edit

I always get a good laugh at the Final, Very Final, Very Very Final edit files of authors. I know the feeling. But over the years I’ve developed a method, and I can tell you, I’m on the Final edit of the ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) of Book II: Memory Key. That means I’m less…

E is for Excited! Feeling Human

Shhh… I just peeked and, You can get the Kindle early since you read this post! It’s up and available now….I’m so Excited to share this story with everyone! *Whispers* Get yours today!

C is for Cramming & Compensation

I am busy Cramming in the last minute edits for the Feeling Human book release on April 12th. I’m hoping this lovely photo I took last week will Compensate for an otherwise basic post. 🙂 I hope to do better for you tomorrow.